GXM-XDS400 Inverted Fluorescence Biological Microscope

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GXM-XDS400 Inverted Fluorescence Biological Microscope

The GXM-XDS400 is our new inverted tissue culture microscope for routine and research applications.

Ideal for research and at an outstandingly low price for such a high quality, high performance system

The ultra-modern stand is both versatile with an integral camera port for record keeping, a range of sample holders and attachable mechanical stage.
The compact design minimises bench space requirements in busy tissue culture rooms.

• Ultra-modern design but small footprint stand
• Trinocular head as standard for image recording
• Pair 10X FN22 Widefield eyepieces (measurement eyepieces available)
• Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives: 4x BF, 10x BF/PH, LWD 20x BF/PH, LWD 40x BF/PH
• Mechanical stage
• Range of sample holders available
• 5W LED fluorescence illuminator for UV, blue and green excitation for the most common fluorochromes. No need for costly replacement bulbs and alignment issues.

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Eyepieces and Objectives Pair of 10X Widefield FN22 Eyepieces. Infinity Corrected Optics, 4X Brightfield, 10X Phase & Brightfield, 20X Phase & Brightfield, 40X Phase & Brightfield, Plan Achromatic, Long working Distance Objectives. Objectives are mounted on a Quintuple revolving nosepiece.
Head Trinocular Head with camera port with interpupiliary adjustment and diopter adjustment for the eyepiece tubes. Inclination 45°. The camera port accepts camera adapters. There is a photo/eyepiece lever. Camera output has 100% of light to eyepieces or 80% to trinocular head and 20% to eyepieces. Interpupillary distance adjustment range:48 ~76mm
Stand & Focus Mechanism Substantial, high stability, research grade, stylish inverted microscope stand equipped with a coaxial coarse/fine focus mechanism with sample protection lock
Stage and Condenser Large, smooth, mechanical stage: size:210 x 241mm; movement range: 128 x 80mm. Stage plate holders included: circular petri /culture dishes:optional 35mm, 54mm and optional 65mm. Long working distance phase contrast condenser with slider inserts mounted on a 'breadboard' style slider. Centre adjustable.
Illumination Adjustable, very bright white 5W LED illumination superb for phase work. Includes blue and green filters Fluorescence illuminator with 4 wavelengths- B, G, UV & V


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0.5X C-Mount Camera Adapter for XDS400 Microscope 0.5X C-Mount Camera Adapter for XDS400 Microscope
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