GXCAM HICHROME-HR4 HDMI/SD/WiFI/GigE 4K Premium Microscopy C-Mount Camera

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GXCAM HICHROME-HR4 HDMI/SD/WiFI/GigE 4K Premium Camera Series

also known as XCAM4K8MPA

Stunning 4K resolution live images delivering truest colour, sharp, live image you can get for microscopy, simply the best microscopy camera we have ever seen


  • Multiple ways to get images from the camera.  This camera allows you to use the camera in numerous ways making it truly versatlile for all circumstances:
    • HDMI direct link to a display monitor (4K works also with 1080P) at an amazing 60 frames per second refresh rate - this output is also used for the built-in display if you select this version of the camera. 
    • SD card slot - store images and videos direct to a disk - no computer needed - ideal when you are connected direct to a display.  The videos are amazing with this camera!
    • 5G WiFi - use this to link to your PC so you can see a live image on your PC display and use the amazing software suite, requires a 5G receiver on your PC
    • GigE ethernet connection to a router and thence to your networked PC(s) so you can see a live image on your PC display and use the amazing software suite
  • A top quality 4K camera sensor which gives absolutely accurate colour rendition, extremely high dynamic range and it is sensitive enough for almost all fluorescence imaging work

 Perfect for industry, teaching, displays, demonstrations and collaborative work.  The camera requires a c-mount adapter.

The exact colour and case design may change due to our policy of continuous product development.

About C-mount camera adapters: 
These are standard microscope accessories available to fit onto photoport of trinocular headed microscopes, c-mounts can also be found on monozoom microscopes.  It is a specific length tube with a 1inch threaded hole at the camera end, many have lenses within them.  (microscope shown in pictures is not included and the style and colour of the camera case is constantly being updated and therefore changes)

Camera Specifications

4K resolution 8.0MP resolution images live at an 60 frames per second

8MP image capture size (3840*2160JPEG)

Records 4K resolution video sequences
Video format:8M(3840*2160) H264 encoded MP4 file
ideo saving frame rate:50~60fps(related to speed level of SD card and resolution of the video

GE Interface:
1. 60fps@4K resolution;
2. H264 encoded video;
3. Bandwidth adjustment in real time;
4. unicast/multicast configuration;
5. DHCP configuration or manual configuration

Exceptionally good at low light imaging, especially fluorescence.

Storage to removable SD card

Mouse connection for on screen menu control

4K HDMI/GE/USB/WLAN multiple video outputs
 Sony 8M, 1/1.8” 2.0um x 2.0um sensor
 Double Cortes ARM 53 CPU processor, high performance and fast response video
 H.265/H.264 codec
 8G bit DDR4 running smoothly
 4k/1080P switch adaptively, 60fps@4K
 Embedded measurement functionsand meausurement objects can be exported to Excel or saved with the
image data in layer mode or in burn in mode.
 TSoftware application for the PC
 iOS/Android application which can be downloaded from the APP store

The version without a built-in screen will connect to a widescreen monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio using the HDMI input and HDMI cable. (the built-in screen version can also be connected to an external monitor)

Over 200 functions with GXCapture including flat field live correction, extended focus,image stitching, annotations with calibrated scalebars and image analysis.

On screen menus for setting gain, white balance, colour, format and all other controls.



(colour and style of case may vary from that shown from time-to-time)



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SD Card for Image/Video Storage 32GB SD Card for Image/Video Storage 32GB
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