LED RingLight 144 LEDs Ultrabright Adjustable with Segment Control for Stereo Microscopes

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One of the brightest and most flexible LED ring illuminators ever made with an amazing 144 LEDs , with adjustable intensity and fully 
selectable segment control providing directional illumination with a separate controller handset. The ring light is lightweight and will fit most models of stereo microscopes as well as monozoom microscopes and lenses. 
The Internal diameter of the ring is 61mm and it can be attached to the microscope using 3 screws. 
This ring light can be attached to the nose of the microscope or to the auxiliary objective of a stereo microscope. 
• 144 LED Bulbs 
• input: 90-264V 50/60Hz 
• output: 12V 4.5W 
• colour temperature: 6400K 
• inner diameter 61mm 
• outer diameter 98mm 
• working distance 40mm -250mm 
• brightness: 20000 Lux at height of 100mm 
Suitable for use with
o Stereo microscopes 
o Monozoom microscopes 
o Macro lenses 
o Experimental rigs 

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