LED RingLight 60 LEDs Adjustable Intensity for Stereo Microscopes

LED RingLight 60 LEDs Adjustable Intensity for Stereo Microscopes

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A first rate and highly popular adjustable intensity LED ring illuminator with separate power controller. You can be sure that this ring light will not cause focus drift when mounted on your microscope because the ring is extremely lightweight. The Internal diameter of the ring is 61.5mm and it can be attached to the microscope using 3 screws. It is supplied with a threaded adapter ring suitable for our range of XTL microscopes. This ring provides an extension to the nose of the microscope onto which the screws clamp thereby eliminating any possibility of scratches and slippage. The threaded adapter cannot be used if a auxiliary objective is already in place, under these circumstances the ring light can be attached to the nose of the microscope or to the objective. 
• 60 LED Bulbs 
• input: 90-265V 50/60Hz 
• output: 24V 6W 
• colour temperature: 6400K 
• inner diameter 61.5mm 
Suitable for use with: 
o Stereo microscopes 
o Monozoom microscopes 
o Macro lenses 
o Experimental rigs 


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