GXM Microscope Camera Port Adapter - Converts Camera Port to Eyepiece Tube

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GXM Microscope Camera Port Adapter - Converts Camera Port to Eyepiece Tube.  Suitable for use with all trinocular headed GXM L series mcroscopes. Suitable for use with L3200, L1500BHTG, L3030, L3230, XPL1500, XPL3200, XPL3230, XPL1530, ICM100, L2003, L3003, XJL101, XJL302, XJL17, XJL20, XDS2, XDS3, XDS5 microscopes and later variants.

This adapter creates an additional standard eyepiece tube with an internal diamter of 23.2mm.  This can then be used to mount eyepiece cameras or to mount eyepiece tube camera adapters such as those supplied with most GXCAM camera systems.

This very inexpensive way of mounting a camera is a generic solution, it is not perfectly tailored for any potential combination of cameras types, sensor sizes and microscopes so the field of view is unlikely to match that of the view seen through the eyepiece and the amount of light going t the camera may be diminished.  To obtain a more closely matched, optimised camera adapter solution it s always better to pay more and purchase the appropriate camera adapter that is designed for that particular microscope and camera sensor size.

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