GXM Microscope Camera Adapter - 1X C-Mount L and XPL series

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GXM Microscope Camera Adapter - 1x C-Mount.  Suitable for use with all trinocular headed GXM L series mcroscopes and C-mount microscopy cameras.  Suitable for use with all trinocular headed GXM L series mcroscopes. Suitable for use with L3200, L1500BHTG, L3030, L3230, XPL1500, XPL3200, XPL3230, XPL1530, ICM100, L2003, L3003, XJL101, XJL302, XJL17, XJL20, XDS2, XDS3, XDS5 microscopes and later variants.

This adapter fits into the phototube of the microscope and presents a c-mount male thread onto which can be mounted a c-mount camera.

C-mount is the standard type of attachment mechanism used throughout the microscope industry, it is basically a 1" threaded hole in the face of a camera.  C-mount cameras are used because they are specifically designed for microscopy use and present a live image to the screen.

This adapter is designated a 1X magnification.  This means that it has no glass in it.  Therefore there can be zero distortion caused by the adapter and the field of view (and amount of light) reaching the camera is proportional to the sensor size of the camera.  This method also eliminates any potential for dust settling on the adapter optics.  This adapter will accommodate sensor sizes of up to 2/3" .

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