Prepared Botany Slides - Wooden Box Containing 30 Expertly Sectioned and Stained Specimens

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Prepared Botany Slides - Wooden Box Containing 30 Expertly Sectioned and Exquisitely Stained Specimens. Many slides have multi-coloured stains.
High Quality Specimens, Mounted on Glass Slides, Individually Labelled 
GX Microscopes have one of the largest collections of prepared slides made available to you at exceptionally low prices. These specimens are perfect for learning all about the microscopic world. They are suitable for teaching at all levels and for the curious hobbyist. These slides are made available as preconfigured sets mounted in high grade plastic or wooden boxes. You can also choose to purchase individual slides but, for practical reasons, they are only available in minimum quantities of 10 for any one specimen. 
To observe these specimens you will need an upright (or inverted) compound microscope with transmitted light. 
A selection of at least 30 of these are included in each set.
General Botany - Series 1 
GXPS-BOT-LW0001 Allium Seale Epidermis, W.M. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0002 Mitosis, Onion Root Tip Cells , L.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0003 Vicia Faba Young Root, C.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0004 Corn Stem, C.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0005 Cucurbits Stem, C.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0006 Corn Stem, L.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0007 Cucurbits Stem,L.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0008 Tilia Stem , C.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0009 Pelargonium, Stem , C.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0010 Pinc Leaf, C.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0011 Ligustrum Leaf, C.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0012 Helianthus Leaf , C.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0013 Narcissus Leaf, C.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0014 Leaf of Winter Jasmine, C.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0015 Pollen Germination , W.M. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0016 Lily Anther, C.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0017 Lily Ovary, C.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0018 Capsella Young Embryo, Sec 
GXPS-BOT-LW0019 Capsella Old Embryo, Sec 
GXPS-BOT-LW0020 Corn Seed With Embryo, L.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0021 Pinus of male Strobilus With Microscores, C.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0022 Stone Cells, Sec Tion 
GXPS-BOT-LW0023 Fern Prothallium, W.M. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0024 Fern Prothallium With Young Sporophyte,W.M. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0025 Lichenrons Ox, Sec. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0026 Moss Antheridia, L.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0027 Moss Archegonia, L.S. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0028 Moss Protonemata, W.M. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0029 Rhizopus Sporongia, W.M. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0030 Yeast , W.M. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0031 Penicillium, W.M. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0032 Aspergillus, W.M. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0033 Mushroom, Sec. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0034 Diatoms Sp, W.M. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0035 Volvox, W.M. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0036 Spirogyra, W.M. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0037 Spirogyra Conjugation, W.M. 
GXPS-BOT-LW0038 Stem Tip, L.S. 
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