Prepared Zoology Slides - Wooden Box Containing 30 Expertly Sectioned and Stained Specimens

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Prepared Zoology Slides - Wooden Box Containing 30 Expertly Sectioned and Exquisitely Stained Specimens. Many slides have multi-coloured stains.
High Quality Specimens, Mounted on Glass Slides, Individually Labelled 
GX Microscopes have one of the largest collections of prepared slides made available to you at exceptionally low prices. These specimens are perfect for learning all about the microscopic world. They are suitable for teaching at all levels and for the curious hobbyist. These slides are made available as preconfigured sets mounted in high grade plastic or wooden boxes. 
To observe these specimens you will need an upright (or inverted) compound microscope with transmitted light. 
A selection of at least 30 of these are included in each set.
General ZOOLOGY - Series 1 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-1 Paramecium , W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-2 Paramecium Conjugation, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-3 Paramecium in Fission, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-4 Euglena, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-5 Hydra, C.S. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-6 Hydra, Spermary, C.S. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-7 Hydra, Ovary , C.S. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-8 Hydra With Bud, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-9 Schistosoma Male, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-10 Schistosoma Female, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-11 Schistosoma Egg, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-12 Schistosoma Miracidia , W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-13 Schistosoma Cercaroae, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-14 Schistosoma Adults in Copula, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-15 Bladder Worm, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-16 Tapeworm, Mature Proglottid, W.M.
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-17 Ascaris Female and Male , C.S. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-18 Mitosis, Horse Ascaris Eggs, Sec.
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-19 Earthworm, C.S. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-20 Honey Bee Mouth Parts, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-21 Mosquito Mouth Parts, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-22 Culex , Common House Mosquito, Larva, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-23 House Fly Mouth Parts , W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-24 Butterfly Mouth Parts, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-25 Honey Bee Hind Leg, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-26 Pediculus, Capitis, W.M. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-27 Clam Gill, C.S. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-28 Frog Egg, Sec. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-29 Frog Liver, Sec. 
GXPS-ZOOL-SER1-30 Blood Pigeon, Smear. 
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