MultiScale Micrometer Glass Slide for Microscope Calibration 1mm/100 10mm/100 10mm/200 Divisions

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MultiScale Micrometer Glass Slide for Microscope Calibration with 3 scales etched onto it:

1mm/100 divisions (10um)

10mm/100 divisions (100um)

10mm/200 Divisions (50um) - occasionally a batch would be 5mm x 100 divisions (50um)

Also known as a Stage Graticule Slide.  Suitable for use with transmitted light microscopes.  Design may include circle around the scale (varies from batch to batch).

This is a standard 76x25mm glass slide approximately 1.2mm thick with a scale etched onto the glass in the centre.  It is used to calibrate image analysis systems and reticle Eyepiece micrometers.  Normally supplied in a tough protective slide holder.  

Other size and design scales are available, also scales etched on reflective metal slides for reflected light microscopy.  Please ask us and we will explain the options.

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