10X Eyepiece with Scale and Crosshair Focussing FN20 Fits 30mm Diam. Tube UltraZoom CF Series

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10X Eyepiece with Scale & Crosshair Focussing FN20mm Fits 30mm Diam. Tube.  10mm scale with 100 divisions. Suitable for use with GXM L3200 series and GXM L2800 series.

This eyepiece has a scale running horizontally across the majority of the field of view and a vertical line to form a useful indicator crosshair.  It is a focussing eyepiece meaning that it can be extended in length to make sure that the reticle scale is in focus at the same time as the subject under examination.  It will fit into any eyepiece tube with 30mm inner diameter and, if used on a binocular microscope it should be matched with the other eyepiece to make sure it has the same field number.

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