'Camera Link' SLR T-Mount Microscope Camera Adapter for Newton Microscope

'Camera Link' SLR T-Mount Microscope Camera Adapter for Newton Microscope

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'Camera Link' SLR T-Mount Microscope Camera Adapter for Newton Microscope

For higher resolution image capture, where set-up speed or sending are not as important as outright resolution, the new breed of mirror less compact system cameras (CSC's) are the way to go. Our 'Newton Camera link' can solidly attach a range of CSC's and provide a compact, powerful and easy to use image capture system. The CSC's are light weight and small with superior usability, and coupled with the Newton offer a compact easy to use powerful imaging system. We have successfully trialled the Olympus PEN EPL range, and the Sony NEX. The Olympus PEN EPL 5 for example has a flip-up full size high resolution touch screen offering superb real-time on-screen imaging and the best overall usability so far. The Newton Camera Link will require a M42 adaptor to suit your particular camera. The M42 adapter replaces the camera lens and provides the attachment method unique to your camera. These are available on-line or from a camera shop.

The 'Newton Camera Link' has been trailed on a few 35mm SLR's and digital SLR's. The bracketry has a wide mechanical adaption range to cover these larger cameras, but usability and success will vary depending on the camera's specific functionality when operating with an M42 adaptor (T mount) and therefore without it's normal lens. 

This adapter connects to a T-Mount adapter that is already fitted to your microscope, so you need to get a T-mount adapter for your camera in order to use it - available from GT Vision - please enquire.

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