Portable Metallurgical Microscope (RMM-A3), robust and top quality from Japan

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Portable Metallurgical Microscope (RMM-A3) 50X-800X Magnification (with options), Camera Option, Z Measurement option



The Roll Scope RMM-A3 is a very high quality, portable, upright metallurgical microscope, made in Japan.
  • Designed to be positioned directly over your sample for quick, efficient and easy observations.
  • Dedicated Camera Port with C-mount camera adapter
  • It is a fully equipped metallurgical microscope with built-in LED epi-illumination.
  • You can use the microscope anywhere because it can be used with AA batteries.
  • the microscope, as standard, is equipped with three top quality metallurgical objectives:
    • M5X
    • M10X
    • M40X
  • The objectives are mounted on a three position objective turret.
    • Optionally you can add a M20X objective..
    • Another option is the dial depth guage which is used for height and step measurements.
    • The microscope can be turned into a top quality digital microscope by adding a camera, including battery powered cameras for the live transmission of the image to a Smartphoone, Smartpad, PC or direct to a PC or SD card via WiFi, USB or HDMI. 
    • Measurement software can also be supplied.
Microscope System Monocular viewing head with dedicated camera port incl. C mount camera adapter (0.7X), three position objective turret
Objectives Standard: M5X, M10X, M40X
Optional: M20X
Eyepieces Standard: WF10X
Optional: WF20X
Movement Range Front ‐ Rear direction: 50mm
Right - Left direction: 30mm
Focussing Coarse movement range: 50mm
Fine movement range: 2mm
Separate coarse and fine focus knobs
Illumination White LED reflected illumination
Power Supply Dedicated AC adapter or 4X AA batteries
Filter Yellow and Green (replaceable)
Weight Main Unit 4.6Kg (plus AC adapter 0.3Kg or batteries)
Common Uses
  • Aviation – to inspect structural integrity of parts and components
  • Printing – measurement of Gravure cells and Anilox rolls
  • Field metallography
  • Ship hull and press vessel examination
  • Rolled materials inspection
  • On-site failure analysis
Optional Accessories
  • M20X objective
  • 20X Eyepiece
  • Digital cameras with measurement and materials software
  • Digital still cameras, analog color and black and white c-mount cameras
  • Stage micrometers in inch or metric rulings with NIST traceability
  • Z-Measurement Probe and Readout


Additional product information

Brand and ID Number GX Microscopes ID9170
Eyepieces and Objectives 10X Eyepiece Widefield Optional 20X 5X, 10X, 40X metallurgical objectives Optional 20X
Head Monocular with Camera Port
Stand & Focus Mechanism Unique roller feet design permits easy movement over large flat or curved surfaces for inspection Heavy duty stand designed and built to withstand years of use Rack and Pinion coarse focus 60mm vertical travel with precise micrometer screw fine focus mechanism Rack and Pinion controls for graduated movement; Stand will move 30mm (X) and 50mm (Y)
Stage and Condenser No Stage, the microscope sits above the specimen and moves over it. No condenser (only used on biological microscopes).
Illumination Vertical LED EPI- illuminator with field diaphragm for both AC and DC operation; built in filter slots Green and yellow filters
Camera Optional accessory, requires camera adapter. Up to 20MP.

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