Monozoom Digital Inspection Microscope with Camera HD Live Output with Display - UltraDIGI-HD52

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Digital Inspection Microscope, Ultra-long Working Distance with Camera, HD Live Output with Display, Unique Dual Mode Illumination, Pillar Stand and Comprehensive Measuring Software - UltraDIGI-HD52


everything you need for subject inspection, measurement and image/video storage

Packed full of advanced, unique features:

  • Pillar stand with focus control, height adjustment and an adjustable display monitor holder
  • Display monitor
  • Unique -high resolution triple output camera packed with first rate, unusual and useful features
    • High quality 60frames/sec HD live image to the display
    • USB live output to a PC
    • Storage to microSD card slot when in HDMI mode
    • On screen menus for camera control including crosshair and reticle live overlay display, video and stills recording
    • Very comprehensive PC software for enhancement, still and video storage, annotation and a vast range of measurements with data output to Excel
    • TRULY USEFUL quick focus knob on top of the camera that not only makes focussing instant and quick but also allows to to CHOOSE YOUR WORKING DISTANCE by electing a height and simply adjust the back focus knob, there are a range of working distances for each magnification - very unique and useful.
  • High Quality, low distortion zoom microscope giving magnifications from 8.8X to 119.4X, or more with a larger display!
  • A unique dual mode LED illumination system  with a direct epi-illumination mode and a traditional ringlight mode, both independantly and simultaneously controllable for the perfect images regardless of the specimen type.

GXMHD51M_-HD52 Digital Microscope

The UltraDIGI-HD52 Long Reach Digital Microscope combines a hi-speed, dual output HDMI & USB output camera with 3.5MP HD high speed sensor with a 0.7X - 5X Zoom objective giving a magnification of up to 119X to provide high quality, clear imaging with a live output which can also be saved and played back from the in-built SD card.  

The monozoom microscope system comes complete with a unique dual mode incident and ringlight illumination light source (see pictures for a light source comparison) for live-view/live-display inspection systems.

The camera also includes a unique  adjustable camera back-focus mechanism for very rapid and simple live image adjustment.  This has the additional benefit of allowing to extend the working distance so you can get instruments and tools under the lens comfortably. 

Also included is a substantial, pillar stand and a high quality built-in display monitor.

This inspection microscope comes with a comprehensive software package for image enhancement, live image and captured image measurements, or comparisons via the USB camera output.








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