Aurox Clarity, Laser-free Confocal Microscope

Aurox Clarity, Laser-free Confocal Microscope


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The Clarity LFC revolutionary design delivers affordable confocal microscopy to a wider user community through its ability to attach to any conventional microscope and to provide high quality 3D images to be acquired in real time.


The Aurox Clarity laser free confocal unit uses Aurox's patented optical system, based on a new design of spinning disc with a gridlike structured illumination paFern.

This structured illumination pattern is used to both modulate the illumination field and demodulate

the light emerging from the sample. The unique optical system inside the Clarity LFC allows capturing of the images both transmitted (T) and reflected (R) by the disc to easily differentiate between in-focus and out-of-focus information. Computer subtraction of these images (T-R) creates a sectioned image whereby all out-of-focus blur is effectively suppressed and only the sharp in-focus image of the sample is retained. At the same time a conventional image can be readily obtained by adding the two images (T+R).

The Clarity LFC demonstrates an impressive combination of speed and image quality: it is noteworthy that the optical sectioning of Clarity LFC is on a par with the more traditional (and significantly more expensive) point-scanning confocal microscopes.

Using a spinning disk to generate structured illumination pattern removes problems related to image processing artefacts; this is one of the many benefits of the Clarity LFC approach.


The extended 370–700 nm range, high imaging speed, long uptime, low photo-bleaching and phototoxicity make the Clarity LFC useful over a wide range of applications. These include: • Immunofluorescence
• Electrophysiology
• Embryology
• Developmental biology
• Plant tissue imaging
• Fluorescent protein dynamics
• Motility and chemotaxis assays
• Cytoskeleton and membrane dynamics


Confocality: 0.8 μm (FWHM) with 1.4 NA oil objective
Disk speed: 3000 rpm
Min exposure: 20 ms
Max frame rate: 22 fps (12-bit confocal, 2.3 MP, no binning) 50 fps (with 2x2 binning)
Imaging channels: 4 user-replaceable filter cubes on an internal turret
Channel switching: <200ms
Excitation range: 370 - 700 nm
Emission range: 410 - 750 nm


The Aurox Visionary software has been specially developed for the acquisition of live cell imaging data using the Aurox Clarity LFC unit as part of a laser free confocal microscopy system. Designed with simplicity and ease of use at its core, the software provides a single graphical user interface, which relates device and experimental settings directly to the connected instrument hardware.

The Visionary software provides tools for the optimisation and control of the imaging set-up and supports a wide range of experimental protocols: from high-speed movies to multi-channel multi-position time lapse stacks. Data integrity is ensured by robust storage algorithms that use OME TIFF file format and Bio-Formats compatible meta-data structures.

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