CoolLED LED Advanced Fluorescence & LED Attachments for Microscopes

CoolLED LED Advanced Fluorescence & LED Attachments for Microscopes

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 CoolLED’s pE-series range of LED illumination systems for fluorescence and transmitted light applications.  Find the system that meets your needs.  Review performance specifications and select the desired light delivery method.   Mercury-free family of compact and simple to use LED illumination systems.  Safe, long lasting and effective.

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Product Summary:

pE-100 series is a mercury-free family of compact and simple to use LED illumination systems which can be configured to deliver light directly to a microscope, or via a liquid light guide or multimode fiber. Systems can be specified at any one of 20 different LED wavelengths.  Operation is by a remote manual control pod with instant on/off and intensity control from 0-100%. Remote control is available via a TTL trigger.
pE-300 white offers intense, broad-spectrum LED illumination for imaging most common fluorescent stains.  The pE-300white Light Source can be fitted directly to the microscope or specified with a liquid light guide.  The system is a mercury-free alternative that is safer, more controllable, and repeatable than conventional high-pressure gas discharge illuminators.  Spectral coverage is from the UV (DAPI excitation) to the Red region (Cy5 excitation). The system is perfect for hospital and regular research laboratory environments.
pE-4000 sets the standard as the universal illumination system for fluorescence microscopy.  The system has 16 selectable LED wavelengths that can be matched to the filters and fluorophores of almost any microscope, making it the broadest spectrum of illumination available.
For the user who wants consistency and ease of use with simple on/off and intensity buttons, the pE-4000 can be operated as a ‘White’ illumination system.
For the user who wants total control over the excitation source to improve imaging, individual wavelengths settings can be selected and controlled in “Advanced” mode.

pE-2 is a fluorescence LED illumination system which provides repeatable and controllable light with a choice of 20 different LED peaks. It is perfect for the researcher who has a specific set of tests to conduct. The user can specify a wavelength configuration matched to their particular fluorescence requirements. It is modular, allowing LED wavelengths to be exchanged as requirements vary or additional experiments are added. Manual control is via a remote control pod with instant on/off and intensity control from 0-100%. Additionally, the system is fully integrated under many imaging software packages.

CoolLED pE-300 Lite White LED

pE-300 Lite is a simple white LED which works with everyday fluorophores/stains and has a broad spectrum - UV(DAPI) to Red region (Cy5).  It is easy to fit to your microscope in seconds.  Featuring instamt on/off, no intensity control minimising sample damage and no bulb replacements or ongoing consumable costs

There are many optional accessories including adapters for most microscopes, for a full, detailed quotation for your microscope please ask us.

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