GX Microscopes Comparison WiFi Microscope - Unique Advanced Fully Digital

GX Microscopes Comparison WiFi Microscope - Unique Advanced Fully Digital

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The all new GX Microscopes D-1000 Unique, Digital WiFi Comparison Microscope for Forensics and Industry

GXM D-1000 Digital Comparison Microscope by GT Vision Ltd GXM D-1000 Digital Comparison Microscope by GT Vision Ltd

D-1000 WiFi Digital  Comparison Microscope  D-1000 WiFi Digital  Comparison Microscope

This extraordinary comparison microscope takes adavantage of the very latest developments in digital comparison microscopy and imaging.  A coventional comparison microscope is a device used to analyse side-by-side specimens. It consists of two microscopes connected by an optical bridge, which results in a split view window enabling two separate objects to be viewed simultaneously. This avoids the observer having to rely on memory when comparing two objects under a conventional microscope.  With this new, digital version high resolution WiFi cameras replace the eyepieces and many of the optical functions are now performed in software with greater flexibility, convenience, speed, ease of use and ability to record images.  The cameras output sumulatneously via WiFi giving a dual live view on the computer.

1) Image merge, compare, measure, record and split ability in software
2) Cartridge holders
3) Rotatable and tiltable stages, X Y Z R FOUR axis adjustable
4) Gooseneck, adjustable illumination with 7 different colours 

Applications include:
1)    Similarity comparisons (size, shape, etc.)
2)    Difference comparisons (joint dissected parts to see if they are overlap)
3)    Position adaptability comparisons (for instance to see if a wheel gears will fit into each other) 

SPECIFICATIONS (due to continuous development this specification and the microscope appearance may change without notice)


  • A PC or Tablet and large display is required and is not included
  • The PC requires a WiFi receiver - included
  • Requires:
    Microsoft® Windows® XP / 7 / 8 /8.1/10(32 & 64 bit)
    CPU: Dual-core 3.0 GHz or more CPU
    Windows system demand:
    At least 10 GB available hard disk space
    ​Memory: 4G or more
    Wireless network card(support IEEE 802.11n/ac
    (specification may change over time)


  • Dual Live Digital Cameras with live output to PC via WiFi


  • Magnification Range: 57~715X
  • Dual Lens System Optical Magnification: 0.83X~10X
  • Dual Lens System Optical Resolution: 5 microns
  • Dual Lens System Working Distance: 71.5mm
  • Dual Lens System Field of View: 0.65x0.36 - 8.2x4.6mm


  • Dual cameras with attached optics are mounted on a dual arm stand
  • Stand has independent and linked focus and XY movement
  • Sample holders can also be tilted and rotated


  • Provided by two gooseneck optical arms
  • Multi-wavelength, selectable LED light


  • Image Merge
  • Image Split
  • Similarity Comparison (size and shape)
  • Trace Comparison
  • Image Measurements
  • Image Processing
  • Camera Control
  • Image capture

SPECIFICATIONS - each camera:

  • Image Sensor: SONY IMX274 COMS Sensor
  • Exposure mode: Rolling shutter
  • Maximum Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (8,294,400 pixels)
  • Sensor Optical Format: 1/2.5''
  • Pixel Size: 1.62μm x 1.62μm
  • Dynamic Range: >80dB
  • Spectral Charactristics: 380-650nm
  • Exposure Capability: Real-time auto, Single auto, Manual adjustment
  • White Balance: Real-time auto, Single auto, Manual adjust R G B seperately
  • Recording format: 


  • Picture Format:JPG
  • Resolution:3840x2160

Video Recording

  • Video Format:MOV
  • Resolution:3840X2160@30FPS,2592X1944@30FPS,2548x1536@30FPS


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