GXCAM-HiChrome EZCHECK Automatic Feature Checking HDMI C-Mount Microscope Camera

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GXCAM-HiChrome EZCHECK Automatic Feature Checking HDMI C-Mount Smart Microscope Camera

A ground-beaking design camera that turns any microscope into an automated object comparison system.

Simply show it a standard object, for instance a PCB or component, set that as the reference image (template) and then it will detect, at high speed, any difference between the standard and subsequent objects placed before it.  You can select the search area and the sensitivity and it will even automatically compensate for some rotation.  Additionally it has an output to a PASS/FAIL red/green light which is a standard option.

It is extremely simple to use and surprisingly sensitive.  A full record of pass/fail events is recorded. Images and data can be stored to a U Disk.

All you need is a HDMI display, a lens or microscope with a c-mount connection and you have a fully automated system ready to go.


  • Embedded Smart automatic analysis software
  • Simple-to use on screen menu system
  • High quality Sony sensor for crisp images
  • High speed 60 frames persecond output to HDMI display with no image smearing
  • Digital I/O output can be connected to a PLC, IPC or other external devices
  • Optional Red/Green Pass/Fail indicator light box
  • Mouse control system
  • Dual USB ports - one for mouse and one for a high capacity U-Disk for image and data storage


  • Full HD resolution 1920x1080
  • Pixel size- 3.5 microns
  • Sensor size - 0.5"
  • Colour depth - 12:12:12 full RGB
  • Frame rate - 60FPS
  • Automatic or manual adjustment of colour and exposure
  • Supports various types of U-Disk for high capacity data and image storage via the USB port
  • Detection methods - manual, auto or PLC
  • Power - 12V DC
  • Dimensions - 60x60x65mm
  • Display output - HDMI full HD
  • Image storage formats - BMP or JPG


To set up the EZCHECK camera for the first time here are the steps:

  • Mount the camera onto a microscope or lens system (we can supply these or advise what to use) - the camera requires a c-mount conection with an appropriate adapter for a 0.5" sensor.

GXCAM-EZCHECK_Microscope_Camera_with monozoom

  • Connect the mouse, U-Disk to the USB ports and the power and HDMI cables to the power socket and display monitor respectively and turn on the display and camera.
  • Adjust the camera image controls if necessary
  • Place a standard subject under the lens/microscope, get the lighting and magnification optimal and the subject in focus (it is a good idea to record or mark this set up so it can be returned to)
  • Draw a rectangle indicating the region of interest that you want to be compared on subsequent subjects.  You can define several regions of interest if you wish.
  • Draw a rectangle around all regions of interest within which it will search subsequent subjects.


  • Store this configuration as a template
  • Open the template you wish to use, place a subject under the lens/microscope which has a defect/difference that you wish to detect and set the sensitivity so it is detected.
  • The display will indicate OK in green or NG (no good) in red.

The EZCHECK system is highly sensitive and will work on most subjects, it will only become confused if the difference is too slight or multiple changes occur that are not what you are looking for.  It is important to keep the magnification and illumination absolutely the same as the conditions used when you set up the templates.  Some rotation and displacement of subjects will be automatically tolerated by the system as long as they do not exceed the boundary of your search area.  It is a remarkably robust and simple system.

GXCAM-EZCHECK_Microscope_Camera_-_correctness  GXCAM-EZCHECK_Microscope_Camera_-_IC_packaging  GXCAM-EZCHECK_Microscope_Camera_-_missing_components 



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