Filtrex Image Analysis System for Fully Automatic Filtered Particle Counting and Sizing ISO16232

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Industry standard Filtrex Image Analysis Systems for Fully Automatic Filtered Particle Counting and Sizing the most common use is for parts cleanliness ISO16232 but also used for ISO4406 and ISO4407 and other filtered particle analysis.  This software is almost invariably supplied with a camera system, Nazca camera interface software and a fully motorised microscope. With 3 options of a Scanner system for particles no smaller than 100 microns, a Motorised Monozoom System for 10 microns and a Motorised Microscope system for down to 2.5 microns.

The system is exceedingly robust, superbly accurate, very fast, easy to use and produces instant, high quality reports.  With a  host of unique features and extraordinarily clever algorithms handling even the most difficult specimens it is easy to see why Filtrex has become so popular across the world.

Features include:

  • Extremely fast scans of entire filters
  • Integrated pictures of most significant particles into reports
  • Instant classifications
  • Superbly accurate measurements
  • Automatic analysis and distinguishing of complex structures such as fibres.
  • Identification modes for metals, plastics, fibres etc
  • Properly integrated microscope control with minimal set-up time.
  • Robust and designed for continuous use.
  • Fully tracable calibration standards.
Analysis of oil products
Filtrex plays a vital role in controlling particle contamination in oil products, such as fuels, hydraulic fluids and lubricants, is critical in the maintenance of system components.
Cleaning of mechanical parts
Filtrex is the industry gold standard in this area.  Numerous technologies require the use of fluids and parts free from particle contamination. Component cleanliness is particularly important in the automotive and aerospace industries and for instrumentation in general.
Particle Counting by Image Analysis
Standardised tests using microfiltration membranes have been developed to control the fluids in use easily and with great precision. The membranes retain at their surface all of the particles present and are examined under a microscope, where the particles are counted and their sizes measured by Filtrex, fully automatically in order to determine the pollution class of the fluid or solvent used to clean the parts.
Automated analysis of particles from 2.5 microns in size
Counting from 2.5 microns can only be done with a compound microscope. The microscope can be provided with an encoded objective turret for automatic calibration and both transmitted and reflected lighting. Optionally, the microscope turret and focus can be motorised and controlled by the Filtrex software.
Automated analysis of particles from 10 microns in size
The fully-motorized zoom microscope (magnification and focusing) may even be used from 5 microns. The complete analysis of a membrane using a 50 micron threshold is possible in two minutes.Two fiber optic light sources provide transmitted and reflected illumination.
Automated analysis of particles from 100 microns in size
A scanner offers an economic solution for rapid analysis of particles 100 microns and larger. The membrane is acquired in a single pass at 1200 dpi. The software memorizes the calibration factor automatically and counting takes place in under three minutes.

We have full Filtrex demostration facilities.


  • Filtrex System & Software
  • Automatic large particle connectivity over multiple fields
  • Easy verification of particles with automatic highlighting of particles of interest with instant move to each one in turn
  • Assured accuracy with ability to interactively link ‘broken’ particles/fibers
  • Perfect reporting with definition of washing volume or surface area of parts
  • Thorough analysis with the inclusion of every particle, even on the circular edges of the filtered area
  • Results and reports made easy with automatic re-sorting of raw data into particle classification tables – 
  • no need to download and write Excel macros
  • Quick and totally accurate setup with automatic detection of calibration graticule lines.
  • Unique, simple and fast three point camera/stage alignment facility
  • Hugely increased particle size accuracy with the world’s fastest autofocus at regular field intervals 
  • compensates for filter height variability
  • Full confidence in the system with moving overlay of detected particles with image
  • Save time on every filter with the unique and easy three point auto-centered filter scan setup
  • High precision adjacent field mapping and edge correction algorithm
  • Customizable counting table with particle counting according to their length
  • Statistical processing (Minimum, Maximum, Mean, Standard deviation)
  • Live update of scanning map and particle count table
  • Sample setup dialogs permitting entry of liquid volume/part surface area
  • Unique, powerful particle detection and clump separation algorithms
  • Simultaneous display of the real digital image, the measurements and the graphs
  • Correction of uneven lighting & contrast improvement (manual and/or automatic)
  • Automatic thresholding (fixed, relative, adaptative, and color - with dark shades, bright shades, dark and bright shades, and intermediate shades selections), filtering (standard and macro) and splitting of the particles with interactive editing
  • Images can be saved in TIFF, BMP or JPEG
  • Result file exportable to standard applications as .txt (for spreadsheets) or .pdf
  • Very easy to use context sensitive software interface
  • Full, tested compliance with ISO standard 16232

Typical complete systems:

  • Scanner (100um) or:
  • Motorised monozoom system with camera and motorised stage (10um) or:
  • Most common a ​digital Live, high resolution camera with microscope mount and very high speed interface for co-ordinated control. (2.5um), with Motorised microscope with motorised stage and optional motorised objective turret and controlled illumination.
  • PC with optonal large displays supplied with non-scanner systems
  • Optional MEFTX standard calibration slide specifically designed for Filtrex analysis with tracable standards
  • Optional focus drive


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