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The ioLight portable microscope has a resolution of 1 micron and built in illumination from both above and below the sample. A glass sample stage allows for samples up to 35mm thick, or samples mounted on standard microscope slides. Despite all these professional features, the microscope folds flat and fits in a jacket pocket or desk draw. The rechargeable battery lasts for several hours of active use and many hours on standby. Images are displayed on an iPad, or you can try our iPhone or Android app to make this a go-anywhere high resolution microscope – the Magnificent Mobile Microscope!

Try the iPhone app or Android App to make a high resolution, portable iPhone microscope

There are many uses for the ioLight digital microscope:

  • In the field – the ioLight is the first high resolution, field microscope, perfect for botany, agriculture, pond dipping, aquaculture, marine science and host of other situations
  • In labs it enables ‘Smart Science’ rather than expensive science – since it is low cost and digital you can have multiple microscopes on one experiment, or leave it recording data for days at a time, or put the microscope inside the experiment, for example inside incubators.
  • In schools it provides beautiful pictures of micro-beasts and plant cells, either on field trips or directly to a large screen in the class room
  • In education it is the perfect tool for out-reach programs, to display samples via a projector in the lecture theatre, or for field trips
  • In industry it enables manufacturers of micro products to show their products to their customers in industries such as electronics, MEMS,  materials, sensors, filtration etc

​There are two models in the range 1mm and 2mm:


Field of view (image width) 1mm 2mm
Magnification X200 on 9.7” screens (e.g. iPad Air) X100 on 9.7” screens (e.g. iPad Air)
Magnification with digital zoom X500 on 9.7” screens (e.g. iPad Air) X250 on 9.7” screens (e.g. iPad Air)
  Larger screens give more magnification, limited by resolution
Resolution 1μm (1 micron = 1/1000mm)
Similar to x20 objective and x10 eyepiece on conventional microscope
Working distance (lens to sample) 1mm 2.5mm
Applications Highest resolution portable microscope

Cells – see more detail

Applications where detail is required

Wider field of view, general purpose portable microscope

Counting applications – see more cells

Better for opaque samples like coins and engineering component inspection.


1mm Microscope


2mm Microscope



Fantastic detail on the 1mm microscope, but you see a larger area on 2mm.






1mm clearly shows the cells, cell walls and the nuclei.

2mm shows a larger area, but less detail







1mm clearly shows the cells and the nuclei, which are harder to see on the 2mm.

However, the 2mm version makes cell counting much easier.






Blood cells are 5-15μm across (1μm is a micron or 1/1000 mm).

On the 1mm instrument you can clearly see the outline of

red blood cells and with with digital zoom and staining you

may even be able to see some structure in the larger white cells






Opaque samples need the top illuminator.

Both product versions have this feature.

We recommend the 2mm version for opaque samples

because its longer working distance makes it easier

to illuminate the subject properly.




High-resolution pocket microscope coming to an Android screen near you


oLight has pleasure in announcing the availability of its app on Android tablets and phones. The Android app complements the original app for iPads and iPhones and means that the Magnificent Mobile Microscope can now be used with most field portable screens.

The award-winning ioLight microscope delivers beautiful microscope images onto your tablet or phone with a resolution of 1 micron - that's close to the performance of a lab microscope! The images appear in the photo gallery of the device, just like any other photograph so they are very simple to share and paste into reports.

Both the Apple and Android apps are available for download from your app store today.


Now in widescreen!


The new ioLight 2mm microscope gives you more. The 1mm shows you the tiny hairs on an insect's wing, the 2mm product shows you the whole wing. Ideal for cell counting applications and general microscopy. The new microscope also has a longer 2.5mm working distance from the lens to the sample, which makes it even easier to use. It also makes the top illuminator really shine for coins and other opaque samples.

Its a tough case!


Many customers have asked for a tough case to protect their ioLight microscopes in the truck on the way to base camp, but what can be tougher than an ioLight microscope? The ioLight tough case is lined with high-density foam cut to fit the microscope, power supply and soft case. We even include a few slides to get you started.



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