Euromex 9 wavelength LED fluorescence illuminator

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Euromex 9 wavelength LED fluorescence illuminator

Standard LED light source for fluorescence with 9 wavelength bands: Royal Blue (370-395nm),Blue (450-490 nm), Green (505-545 nm), Emerald green (510-560 nm) and Ultra-violet (330-380 nm) , Royal violet (370-395 nm), Violet ((380-420 nm), Orange-Red (605-650 nm) and Red (645-670 nm)
Consists of a lamphouse with a 100-240 V power supply/intensity controller and key pad for wavelength band selection. A specific adapter is needed for mounting on a Euromex Delphi-X Observer, iScope and Oxion upright microscopes as well the Oxion Inverso and Delphi-X Inverso inverted models

Wavelength band no 1: Ultra-violet at 365 nm with FWHM 18 nm or 330-380 nm
Wavelength band no 2: Royal violet at 385 nm with FWHM 14 nm or 370-395 nm
Wavelength band no 3: Violet at 405 nm with FWHM 22 nm or 380-420 nm
Wavelength band no 4: Royal blue at 450 nm with FWHM 26 nm or 440-470 nm
Wavelength band no 5: Blue at 470 nm with FWHM 24 nm or 450-490 nm
Wavelength band no 6: Green at 525 nm with FWHM 29 nm or 505-545 nm
Wavelength band no 7: Emerald Green at 545 nm with FWHM 16 nm or 510-560 nm
Wavelength band no 8: Orange-Red at 625 nm with FWHM 20 nm or 605-650 nm
Wavelength band no 9: Red at 660 nm with FWHM 21 nm or 645-670 nm

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