Leica-DM500 40X-1000X Teaching, Biological, Binocular Microscope

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DM500 Binocular Head, Mechanical Stage, with condenser,4 Position Nosepiece, Coarse/Fine Focus Coaxial Knobs, 10x/20 eyepieces & Preset Diopters, PLAN objective set 4x, 10, 40x, 100xoil, Transmitted Light.
The Leica DM500 microscope with “plug and play” capability is the ideal tool to make teaching entry-level college and university Life Science courses easy and fun for the instructor and the student. Student-friendly features such as the pre-focused, pre-centered condenser and the EZTube™ preset diopter, which prevent incorrect adjustments, provide more time for hands-on teaching. EZStore™ design with integrated handle and cord wrap allows easy carrying, easy lifting and protection against microscope component damage.

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Brand and ID Number Leica Brand supplied by GT Vision Ltd, Leica's trained, authorised reseller and service centre Product ID: Leica DM500
Eyepieces and Objectives Pair 10X/20 fixed eyepieces Four: 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X Oil, Plan Achromatic Objectives
Head EZTube binocular head with integrated 10x/20 eyepieces with pre-set diopters
Stand & Focus Mechanism − Integrated vertical handle provides easy carrying and easy lifting when storing on high shelves; undercut on front of stand works in combination with the handle for safer, two-handed carrying. − Integrated cord wrap eliminates damage to microscope components from improper cord wrapping; vertical cord insertion prevents the cord from pulling partially out of the stand while in storage or in use. − The unique shape of the microscope stand protects controls from damage when microscopes are stored side-by-side. coaxial coarse/fine focus mechanism with sample protection lock. Weighted focus knobs provide inertia and extremely accurate focus capability
Stage and Condenser Mechanical Stage with coaxial side controls and spring loaded slide holder. Pre-centered, pre-focused Abbe condenser eliminates the need for adjustments. Magnification labels for proper aperture setting
Illumination LED illumination designed to provide even lighting across the full field of view without adjustments.Patented time delay shutoff saves energy by automatically turning off the illumination after 2 hours of no use

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