MICROVISIONEER - Revolutionary Whole Slide Imaging Made Simple

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Rapid, Revolutionary Whole Slide Imaging Made Simple - Low cost system comprising a camera, PC and software for use with your microscope

How does it work?

Simply attach the Microvisioneer camera to your microscope, align it, press start and simply move around your specimen.  The image is automatically extended as you go in real time and fast!


By using your own microscope equipment, you only need to buy a camera and the Microvisioneer whole slide imaging software. That's just a fraction of a slide scanners cost!

Take a look at a video - scanning a rat kidney with a 20x objective (200X) in 3 minutes using Microvisioneer - (click on YouTube logo for a larger video):



Click into the grey region to activate the zoom view:


For specimens up to 10 x 10 millimeters it's often actually faster to scan manually!  Additionally, if you are waiting for slide scanners to become affordable, just start with the manual process now


Scanning a slide with oil immersion objectives is possible, too

What Do You Need?
  • A Microscope with a camera port and a camera adapter (1X is recommended) - we can advise you and supply any parts you need
  • Our Microvisioneer Software, PC and Camera to install onto your microscope and to attach to your computer as advertised here - includes a top class compatible camera and all drivers
  • Works best with a good quality, flat field microscope with the correct magnification camera adapter

The Microvisoneer System is supplied with a high spec PC, specially selected to ensure trouble free scanning.

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