ZFL Micro - Navitar's Innovative Modular Fluorescent Zoom Microscope System

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ZFL Micro - Navitar's Innovative Modular Fluorescent Zoom Microscope System.  Used in biotechnology researcht, enabling life scientists the opportunity to apply fluorescent imaging at much lower costs than traditional fluorescent microscopy.

Navitar’s Video ZFL Scope is a Macro/Micro fluorescence vision system. The ZFL utilizes interchangeable professional fluorescence cubes, as well as internal focus to create an image comparable to a fully loaded research fluorescence scope without all the bulk and added expense. 
• Utilizes interchangeable professional fluorescence cubes to create images compatible with most existing camera systems.
• Field of view up to 9.2 mm with a 2/3” CCD in macro mode.
• Micro mode utilizes professional infinity corrected objectives.
• Remote UV light source includes a long-life metal halide bulb.


• Zoom and fixed systems available. Fine focus included with system.

For prices of components and complete systems please contact us.


Additional product information

Eyepieces and Objectives Optional
Stand & Focus Mechanism Optional
Stage and Condenser Optional
Illumination Fluorescence with choice for filter cubes
Camera Options

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