Nikon SMZ800 Stereo Zoom Microscope 10X-80X Zoom (to 480X)

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New stereomicroscope offers improved work efficiency with evolved operations.

Expanding the magnification range to 8x (1x -8x), Nikon's newest stereomicroscope boasts its ease of use and high-definition observation demanded in fields such as the IVF market. Additionally, newly developed “Plan Apo WF” and “ED plan WF” objectives deliver clearer, crisper images

​In this configuration:

  • SMZ800N Zooming Body
  • P-B Binocular Tube
  • QTY 2 - C-W 10XB Eyepiece (F.O.V. 22mm) with Dioptre Adjuster, Rubber Eye-Shields, Reticle Holder
  • P-PS32 Plain Stand
  • P2-FMDN Focus Mount
  • P-PLAN 1X (W.D. 78 mm)​

Wide Zoom Range

The SMZ800N comes with a 1 – 8x zooming range, with higher magnification than conventional models and enables high-resolution observation.

Improved resolution of SMZ800N

Nikon SMZ800 Stereo Zoom Microscope Specifications

High Quality Images

Amazingly clear and bright images with reduced chromatic aberrations can be acquired throughout the extended zoom range through the newly developed “Plan Apo WF” and “ED plan WF” objectives.

Nikon SMZ800 Stereo Zoom Microscope Specifications

Improved Ergonomics

SMZ ergonomics

There are several eyepiece tubes to fit various configurations, from a simple setup to a system with some intermediate modules or digital cameras. With an ergonomic eyepiece tube, the observation angle can be adjusted from 0-30 degrees, allowing for comfortable observation postures even if combined with intermediate modules like illuminators or teaching heads.  Furthermore, the Plain Stands and Diascopic LED Stands adapted a slim design for easier operation and exchange of specimens and samples.

Nikon SMZ800 Stereo Zoom Microscope Specifications

Versatile Double Nosepiece

The double nosepiece allows for seamless observation in a wide range of magnifications. In addition, changing objectives has never been easier.

By changing the nosepiece from stereo-position (stereo view) to mono-position (on-axis view), you can easily acquire images suited for measuring and processing.

Nikon SMZ800 Stereo Zoom Microscope

Expandable with a Wide Range of Accessories

To support a variety of observation methods and applications used for research and inspection, an assortment of accessories, such as illumination units, stands, and eyepiece tubes, are available. By incorporating a “Fly Eye Lens” with the Epi-Fluorescence illuminator, uniform brightness over the entire field of view is realized, which helps in observing specimen that needs a wide magnification range. Nikon also offers several digital camerasideally suited for different stereo microscope applications.

Diascopic illumination stands have been renewed. The slim LED base design provides easy access to specimen and easy operation. As with the SMZ25 and SMZ18, the diascopic illumination base features Nikon’s very own oblique illumination, the OCC illuminator. The built-in feature offers high contrast observation for transparent samples such as oocytes used in the IVF application.

Nikon SMZ800 Stereo Zoom Microscope

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