Portable Metallurgical Measuring Microscope with Height Measurement Gauge & Camera Port 500X

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Highest MobilityPortable Metallurgical Microscope

The Opto portable microscope has been designed to handle even the most demanding on-site examinations. With its ergonomic design, robust construction and perfectly matched optical configuration, it is a precise and reliable tool.

The wireless design, LED lighting with battery operation and optional Koehler illumination for contrast enhancement allow a flexible and unrestricted mobile operation.


Designed to deliver the imaging performance, magnification and functionality of your laboratory microscope, this portable microscope is the perfect solution for mobile, high-resolution microscopy. By default, the device is configured with a trinocular tube, equipped with high-quality, infinitely corrected micro-lenses and offers 50x, 100x, 200x and 500x optical magnification.


  • Objective revolver with 4 lenses
  • Integrated coaxial lighting
  • Reticle for manual measurements
  • For rollers from diameter 60 mm or even surfaces


  • Extremely stable tripod allows high magnifications
  • Easy to transport - Real mobile inspection
  • Ideal for on-site measurements and examinations


To configure the portable microscope, one must first decide whether you want to use the microscope only by camera, in this case, the C-mount tube, or even with your own eyes.

There are basically four options for the lighting options: a battery-operated high-power LED for truly mobile work, a USB-powered LED version for use on a laptop or PC, a fiber optic version for use with conventional cold light sources and two Power supply powered and controllable LED lights. The Köhler versions allow a fine adjustment of the incoming light, resulting in a more homogeneous illumination as well as sharper and more contrasty images.

The available nosepiece allows the typical total magnifications of 50x, 100x, 200x and 500x through the eyepieces.

Included in this priced system are a transport case and a height measuring device.

Included PartsPortable Metallurgical Microscope

OP043-112413-03 LED-Coaxial Illumination
OP043-112413-05 Nosepiece incl. Objectives (5x, 10x, 20x, 50x)
OP043-112413-06 Trinocular Tube, Compact C-Mount 0.5x; Ocular 10x/18
OP043-112414-10 Portable Microscope Base, Part 2: M  (in conjunction with 043-112414-01)
OP043-112414-01 Portable Microscope Base, Part 1: Stand  
OP043-112414-20 Portable Microscope Adaption, Gauge
OP043-112414-30 LED-Coaxial Illumination V2, Battery  
OP043-700020 Power Supply
OP044-700111 2 Core Power Cord - UK; 2 m
OP043-710002 Height Gauge in conjunction with 043-112414-20
OP044-910055-01 Transport Case V2  



Options not included:

OP043-112413-07 Video Tube 0.5x, C-Mount
OP043-112414-31 LED-Koehler Coaxial Illumination V2 (not in the catalog, only on the Web)
OP043-112414-32 Koehler Coaxial Illumination V2, 6 mm Fibre Optic (not in the catalog, only on the Web)



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