OS-335 The OS-335 Semi-Automatic Precision Microtome is ideal for routine histology

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OS-335 The OS-335 Semi-Automatic Precision Microtome is ideal for routine histology  This is a complete kit include all important accessories.

To ensure high precision, reliability and quietness we source the motor drive from Germany and other key components from Japan.


Product specifications:

• The LCD screen shows slice and trimming thickness, section counter, keyboard with controls for thickness, mode and speed
• Specimen retraction function  in order to avoid damage from attrition between the sample and the back of knife, this ensures that sectioning is smoother and gives extended  knife longevity.
• The hand wheel can be locked in any position to ensure the sectioning is as safe and convenient as possible
• The waste tray can be disassembled easily
• 3-Axis Orientation Attachment for Clamp
• Safety alarm system, overload protection fuction, sleep mode protection, Universal cassette clamp and standard specimen clamp

Technical Data:

•Section thickness range: 0 - 100 μm

Setting values:
Form 0-10μm in 1μm -increments
Form 10-20μm in 2μm -increments
Form 20-50μm in 5μm -increments
Form 50-100μm in 10μm increments

• Trimming section thickness range: 0 - 500um
• Horizontal specimen stroke: 28 mm
• Vertical specimen stroke: 60 mm
• Specimen retraction :12 um
• Precision error: ± 5%
• Maximum section size: 50 × 45mm
• Dimension: 520 x 450 x 300mm
• Net weight: 30kg

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