Single or Dual LED Spotlights on 85mm Gooseneck Arms on Base with Separate Controller, Top Quality

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Single or Dual LED Spotlights on an 85mm Gooseneck Stand,with Separate Adjustable Intensity Controller, Top Quality.  
Designed for better lighting of small illumination fields (15 mm). Comparable with 150 W Halogen light sources
Comprising of:
Weighted Base: PHO619-30-007 with a choice of
  • 85mm Gooseneck Single Arm, Single Spot
  • 85mm Gooseneck Dual Arm, Dual Spots
(longer arms (200 and 300mm) are available please enquire)
Each has19 LED Spot Head(s) with controller (PHO10002)
PHO-001 comprises 619-30-041, 619-30-007, 10035
PHO-002 comprises 619-30-007, 2x 619-30-041, 10037


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