Product no.: SW001

GX Capture is high quality software that provides Camera Control, Image Capture, Storage, Annotation, Enhancement, Analysis.  This software is supplied free of charge with every GXCAM Camera from GT Vision.  This product is only available to users of GXCAM cameras.

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Product no.: SW0031

GX Capture pro is GT Vision's modular software package it provides:

  • Camera Control inckluding exposure control, white balance
  • Live Image controls including flat field real-time subtraction
  • Image Capture including time lapse and video
  • Annotation including calibrated scale bar overlays
  • Image Enhancement
  • Image Analysis with a comprehensive range of measurements and instant export to Excel

This sophisticated software is compatible with all USB GXCAM cameras and many other makes of cameras.

GX Capture Pro is modular with several expansion modules availabe including:

Image Extension Module: (INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE)

  • Powerful Extended Focus
  • Image Stitching
  • 3D Modelling

Template Measurement Module:

  • Set up and store your own overlays for repeat image checking and measurement
  • overlay appears on all subsequent live images
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Perfect for image inspection tasks in industry


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