Image-Pro Plus Image Analysis Software for Fully Automatic Feature Size, Shape and Colour Analysis

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Image-Pro Plus Image Analysis Software for Fully Automatic Feature Size, Shape and Colour Analysis, it also includes automated microscope control, image capture, 3D measurements, moving object tracking, live tiling, extended depth of focus and macro development tools .  This comprehensive software from the USA's  leading image analysis software house is Media Cybernetic's most comprehensive package.

Used by thousands of researchers worldwide, Image-Pro Plus image analysis software makes it easy to acquire images, count, measure and classify objects, and automate your work.

Capture with Ease
Accurate image analysis begins with acquisition. Utilize the full precision of your capture equipment with easy-to-use capture tools. Image-Pro Plus supports a wide range of digital cameras, image capture cards and other devices.
Automated Microscope Control
Control complex microscopy equipment in a simple, repeatable manner for reproducible results. Automatically control your microscope stage in any X, Y, or Z direction and eliminate the need to manually adjust microscope settings.
Time Lapse Acquisition
Investigate changes in live specimens over time by acquiring images at predefined intervals. Play your time lapse images as a movie to view movement and other activities.
Live Analysis & Measurements
Analyze samples live, without the need to acquire. The Workspace Preview feature makes it easy to count objects, apply measurements and interact with online images.
Live Tiling & Live EDF Acquisition
The optional Live Tiling and Live Extended Depth of Field tools make it easy to tile large images and perform EDF operations live - while acquiring your images. Learn more about Live Tiling & Live EDF in Image-Pro Plus.
3D Rendering & Measurement
Explore the depth of your images by visualizing and interacting with them in three dimensions. View volumes from any angle, with adjustable transparency and shading.  Zoom, rotate, and pan image stacks.  Use adjustable lighting controls for enhanced viewing.  Visualize clipping planes in orthogonal and oblique plane-selections.  View internal features of 3D stacks by selecting volume of interest (VOI).  Display synchronized, orthogonal views through an image stack with Stack Slicer.  View multiple iso-surface renderings based on segmentation of selected intensities and colors.  Project a virtual shadow of your image to get a better visual understanding of your object's 3D shape.
Apply Measurements to 3D Images
Obtain quantifiable data from your three-dimensional image through manual and volume measurements.
3D Manual Measurements:
Individual point
Point-to-Point distance
Point-to-Surface distance line
Point-to-Line distance
Circumference of an object bisected by plane
Surface distance between two points
3D Volume Measurements:
Surface Area
Feret measurements
Bounding box measurements
Centroid information
Automatic update of measurements from frame-to-frame playback of 4D sequences
Set filter ranges for any measurements
Clean borders
Track Objects in a 4D Sequence
Track and measure the movement of individual objects in a 4D sequence with the 4D tracking feature in 3D Constructor. Choose to automatically find 4D tracks in your image or manually track objects.
Visualize, Trace, and Count Neurons
Analyze neurons and other filament structures with the neuron tracing tool in 3D Constructor. Visualize and count the number of branches in a neuron as well as the length and volume of each branch.
Use Image-Pro's colocalization tool to indicate which fluorescent regions are to be considered as overlapped, or colocalized. Then activate 3D Constructor to display the colocalized regions in three dimensions.
Create Animations of 3D Images
Share your 3D rendered images with others using 3D Constructor's easy 3D animation creation tools. Create animations with changing transparencies, slide positions, colors, etc. to give others a better understanding of the depth of your 3D image. Save in AVI or multi-frame TIFF or SEQ formats.
Display and Export Image Data
Display and interact with measurement data from individual, histogram, or scatterplot displays. Export 3D measurement data to Microsoft® Excel.
Automate, Customize & Share
Automate with Macros
Record - Save a series of Image-Pro commands as you perform them using macro recording tools.
Edit - Image-Pro Plus offers convenient customization tools and a built-in programming language to streamline your imaging research.
Organize and implement macros in the Macro Browser
Work with example and “Extras” macros included in Image-Pro Plus and Image-Pro Analyzer
Use the IPBASIC engine with debugger, full editor, and dialog builder
Record sessions and play them back in Basic Syntax
Assign scripts to files and function keys
Add basic loops and conditionals
Edit and customize dialog boxes
For more advanced customization, Image-Pro Plus’ built-in IP Basic programming engine offers a debugger, full editor, and dialog builder. Use with COM objects such as Microsoft Word or Excel, and integrate and customize macros with Microsoft Visual Basic or Visual C++.
Share & Download Macros
The Media Cybernetics’ Solutions Zone is a searchable on-line database of macros, device drivers, plug-in modules, application programs and development consultants that support Media Cybernetics image analysis products. Visit the Solutions Zone to search for Image-Pro Plus macros in your industry.
Point out features of interest and add text to your images with Annotation overlay tools.
Point out features of interest and add notes to your images with Annotation tools.
Report and Publish Your Results 
Export image data via DDE to Origin® and Microsoft Excel. Create custom reports with images data and text.
Create AVI Movies
Easily convert sequence files and 3D rendered images to AVI files.
Convert image sequences and 3D renderings to AVI files.
Customize Your Workflow
Image-Pro Plus includes a variety of features that allow you alter the application to fit your workflow. Create a personalized Workflow Toolbar with buttons for your most frequently used tools.


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