Image-Pro Premiere 3D Image Visualisation and Analysis Software

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Image-Pro Premier 3D brings breakthrough technology to our users, offering intuitive tools that make it easy to import, visualize, process, measure, and share your image sets and valuable data.  The new Image-Pro Premier 3D offers robust 64-bit support, a user-friendly interface, multi-dimensional visualization, 3D volume measurements, object counting, 3D manual measurements, custom movie making, reporting, and many tools for customizing your workflow.   In addition, research professionals are delighted to discover this application is feature-rich with all the processing and measuring capabilites of Image-Pro Premier, making for a well-rounded 2D analysis package in addition to the 3D abilites.

Some of the Amazing 3D Features Include:
Multi-Dimensional Visualization
View and Interact with unlimited dimensions to generate stunning images. Easy adjust colors, transparency, intensity ranges, shadows, backgrounds, edge opacity, and much more to interpret the detail of any supported data set.
3D Volume Measurements
Measure the properties of multiple materials within a volume and easily discover percent composition, material mass, orientation, diameter, radii, and surface areas.
3D Volume Measurements
Object Counting
3D Object Counting
Automatically count, measure, and classify discrete objects or whole materials with options to split, filter by size and intensity, and generate measures of volume, 3D object centers, and intensities over time.
3D Manual Measurements  
Interact with your data sets by selecting only the objects of interest and draw distances between objects and reference points, object centers to surfaces, circumferences, and 3D lengths along the object surface.
3D Movie Maker
Automatically generate movies of your data with all the visualization options and iso-surface rendering in place. Utilize packaged fly-throughs and circular animations or create a custom animation with manual camera positions. Share your creations as WMV, AVI, or MP4.
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