Image-Pro Insight - Image Basic Capture and Analysis Software

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Image-Pro Insight - Image Basic Capture and Analysis Software. Image-Pro Insight, the latest image analysis software from Media Cybernetics, offers a wide range of tools for capturing and analyzing images.  Unlike most imaging systems, which require extensive training, Image-Pro Insight was designed for quick startup and ease of use.

As the next generation replacement for Image-Pro Express, Image-Pro Insight offers a sleek new user interface, and offers intelligent new features, such as combined Live Tiling and Live EDF (Extended Depth of Field), live measurements, automatic calibration, and reporting tools. 

Capture Images
Capturing high-quality images is made easy with a range of acquisition tools. 
Process & Analyze
Implement sophisticated image processing and enhancement functions with two clicks or less.
Measure & Quantify
Extract accurate data from your images with a wide range of measurement tools.
Share & Report 
With Image-Pro Insight, it's easy to present your images and analysis data.
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