Motic Images Advanced Image Capture, Processing, Annotation and Measurement Software

Motic Images Advanced Image Capture, Processing, Annotation and Measurement Software

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Motic Images Advanced Image Capture, Processing, Annotation and Measurement Software. Motic Images consists of two main programs, the capture interface which controls a Moticam camera and the captured image application program, advanced features include image stitching and fluorescence image processing.

Motic Images Plus 2.0 is a Digital Microscopy Software Suite. Images Plus is available in Windows versions as well as OSX and contains powerful tools necessary in a wide range of applications from Educational to Professional Digital Microscopy. Users will find a familiar interface matched to either Windows or Macintosh OSX operating environments loaded with Measurment, Editing and Live Transmission features. This software package unlocks the potential of the microscope as a multi-media research, demonstration, hobby or analysis platform. With our own .sfc file format, users can easily create, send and edit multi-media images with voice narration and measurement tags. For those more forensic-minded, use the simple image comparison page to quickly compare images side by side.
This software supports our newest high resolution imaging sensors of all Motic digital products.
It turns your digital microscope into true multi-media device. With our own .sfc file format, sound or narrative can easily added to any spot on the image making it very easy to present findings or projects.
Main functions
Image Control
• Color adjustment
• White Balance
• Advanced adjustments
• Scale tools
• Region zoom
Image Analysis
• Measurements
• Filters
Motic Images Advanced has all of the features and tools of Motic Images Plus and much more.
Use this software package to analyze fluorescence images and segment images by RGB or Gray Scale.
Motic Images Advanced is packaged with Motic's Multi-Focus and Assembly programs that will accurately allow you to assemble images in a vertical or horizontal platform taking into account any overlap or shifting of images.
Image Analysis
• Manual segmentation for data analysis
• Image Stacking with the Multi-focus software
• Image Stitching with Assembly software
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