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Digital microscopes can be loosely defined as microscopes with cameras built-in.  Adding a camera to an existing microscope will also create a digital microscope.  In this section we will display mainly those microscopes that have built-in cameras.  

There are various categories and levels of digital microscopes:

  • Microscopes with built-in USB cameras requiring a PC (or MAC) to see the live image
  • Microscopes with built-in HDMI, WiFi, video or SXGA cameras requiring connection direct to a monitor or Wifi connection to a smartphone or tablet to see the live image
  • Microscopes with built-in cameras and a display monitor on top, some of these include a tablet PC with touch screen controls

In this category in particular price is an extremely clear indicator of product quality, functionality and the expected product support and lifetime, a really low price will nearly always equate to a limiting and disappointing product.  One extremely important yet often overlooked aspect to consider is whether the product is likely to be supported in the medium term as new versions of Windows or MAC OS are released, really cheap products invariably stop working with new operating system releases and there is no competent, UK or European based support to assist you.  On our website we only offer properly supported high quality products from microscope manufacturers whose products we have thoroughly tested.  GT Vision has sold many thousands of digital microscopes and we are able to advise you about the choice of resolution, illumination types, the merit of the software functions and which stand is best for your application.

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Dino-Lite AM7025X Dino-Eye Digital Eyepiece Camera

Product no.: DINAM7025X

£432.50 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite AM4113T5 Digital Microscope 500x High Magnification 1.3MP SEE OPTIONS

Product no.: DINAM4113T5

From £278.33 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite AM4515T5 Edge Digital Microscope 500-550X AMR 1.3MP SEE OPTIONS

Product no.: DINAM4515T5

From £462.50 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite MEDL4HM Digital Trichoscope Polariser 10-70x + 200x 1.3 MP

Product no.: DINMEDL4HM

£310.00 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite MEDL7HM Digital Trichoscope Polariser 10-70x + 200x 5 MP

Product no.: DINMEDL7HM

£571.67 *
Available to Order
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61 - 80 of 80 results